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LABL VB is a Virginia Beach-based boutique located inside The Collective. Their shop features a cultivated collection of athleisure wear that is both fashionable and functional.
From errands, to workouts, to nights out!


2020 – Current

Website Design

We create more than just websites. We create custom and responsive user experiences that are both easy to manage and navigate.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is a consistently effective and versatile strategy that allows you to connect with your audience, convert leads, engage dormant customers, build loyalty, and more!


We developed a modern email template design that is consistent with the LABL brand.


We developed a strategy to encourage newsletter opt-ins, website traffic and ultimately sales.

User Friendly

The email campaigns communicate LABL’s intended message with visually appealing graphics, call to actions and website and social integration making it easy for the user to understand and take action.

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